Char Vinnedge & the Luv’d Ones

luvdOffstage, Char Vinnedge was bespectacled and unassuming. Onstage with her band, the Luv’d Ones, Char became someone else. Her fuzzed-out guitar sound was innovative and heavy, creating a noise that few could believe an all-girl band capable of generating—at least, not in 1966. Along with her sister, Chris, and their two friends, Mary Gallagher and Faith Orem, Char formed the Luv’d Ones in 1965. Completely obsessed with music, Char had already been part of one all-girl band, the Tremolons, although that one didn’t really count since she’d played all the instruments herself. With the Luv’d Ones, Char had finally surrounded herself with like-minded ladies who just wanted to play rock n’ roll in a time when girls just didn’t do that.

luvd2The Luv’d Ones were quickly signed to a deal with Dunwich Records, and the label sporadically released singles from the band over the next few years. None of them charted, but Char was always sure they would make it with the next single. She devoted all her time to promoting the band, writing songs, and even making flyers for their shows. Her guitar playing became very impressive, and their sound evolved from typical 60’s garage rock to something more complex. Char came to idolize Jimi Hendrix, and began to play with a fuzz pedal to emulate her hero. Despite their talent and Char’s drive to succeed, the Luv’d Ones called it quits in 1969.

luvd3Char formed another group, Syrup, which quickly dissolved. Then, in 1971, Jimi Hendrix Experience bass player Billy Cox asked Char to be the guitar player in his new band, Nitro Function. Thrilled to be acknowledged by one of her biggest influences, Char joined the group, which only lasted for one album. Char’s life quieted down for the next two decades. In 1997, Sundazed Records signed the Luv’d Ones in order to reissue their singles and unreleased demos. Just after the deal was inked, Char died of a heart attack. The Luv’d Ones have since gathered new fans through the reissues of their music. Arguably the most talented of the all-girl bands of the 60’s, the Luv’d Ones are a lost treasure.


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