Pure Bathing Culture: “Moon Tides”

pbcAs the summer winds down, popsicles and swimming pools give way to the ennui of the dog days. An eagerly anticipated season has overstayed its welcome yet again. Pure Bathing Culture has crafted an album perfectly suited to the waning summer, suitable for weekend drives and one last visit to the lake.

Consisting of vocalist Sarah Versprille and guitarist Daniel Hindman, PBC captures the best of 80s-era Fleetwood Mac, with a dash of Kate Bush. The mystical lyrics of songs like “Pendulum” and “Temples of the Moon” paint a dreamy picture of the collision of nature and the spiritual world, while the gently chiming guitars recall hazy early-90s pop by the likes of the Cranberries and the Sundays.

moontidesWith strains of 80s synth-pop bleeding into many of the songs on Moon Tides,  the sweetly catchy choruses could easily have scored a John Hughes movie. While “Scotty” wouldn’t sound out of place on 1988’s hit list, “Only Lonely Lovers” manages to merge Phil Spector’s 1960s girl groups with Echo and the Bunnymen. “Temples of the  Moon” summons Don Henley’s “Boys of Summer”; a fitting end to an album that seems to revel in the bittersweet end of a golden season.

Although clearly adept at melding styles of the past, Pure Bathing Culture still claims a spot of their own in the music realm. This debut makes summer’s farewell sound sweeter than ever.


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